10 Golden Rules to Succeeding as a Footballer

Being a young footballer can sometimes be a complicated business – whether it’s advice on skills, temperament, nutrition, training or technique, there’s a lot to get your head around.

Ryan Giggs has always had a great attitude

Ryan Giggs has always had a great attitude

It’s important to remember though that football is ultimately a simple game, and if you stick to some basic rules and maintain the right attitude, you will be well on your way to achieving your dream.

So we’ve put together 10 golden rules for the young footballer – stick to these and you won’t go far wrong:

1. Stay cool under pressure. It’s easy to lose your rag when things don’t go right, but the truly great athletes step up and keep control.

2. Remember that football is a team game. Without your team-mates you’re nothing, so make sure you support and encourage them at all times, even when they make mistakes.

3. Never be beaten because of a lack of effort. Whether in training or in a game, keep trying for every last ball.

4. Respect your coaches, referees, team-mates and opponents, even when you lose or a decision goes against you.

5. Always maintain your position on the field – don’t just follow the ball. Be aware of where the other players on the pitch are.

6. When in control of the ball, pass it before you get into trouble, not after.

7. Whether you’re clearing, passing or shooting the ball, make sure your technique is right. This, and not your size, will determine how cleanly the ball is struck.

8. Guard possession of the ball with your life. Don’t just kick it into the distance – passing or dribbling backwards is often a better decision than just giving away possession.

9. If you lose the ball, it’s your responsibility to try and win it back.

10. Win, lose or draw, if you’ve given 100% you can hold your head up high.

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