Match Day & Training Covid-19 Venue Protocols

All Covid-19 protocols below are COMPULSARY for anyone attending on match day & training hosted by Espial FC. Anyone not adhering to these measures will be asked to leave the venue, this is not limited to spectators and includes players & coaches. 

These measures have been put into place following the completion of the Clubs Covid-19 Risk Assessment in line with the FA issued guidance on the 18th of July 2020. 

  1. All players, officials, volunteers, and spectators must undergo a self-assessment for any Covid-19 symptoms before attending on match days & team training. No-one should leave home to participate in football if they live with, has any of the following:
    1. A high temperature (above 37.8 degrees C);
    1. A new, continuous cough;
    1. A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste.

If a participant becomes Covid-19 symptomatic during the activity, they should immediately remove themselves from the session and return home as soon as possible. 

If an individual becomes symptomatic post an activity, they must follow track and trace guidance and notify Espial FC Covid-19 officers. 

  • It is the responsibility of the individual clubs, coaches, parents & players to have read and understood the FA guidance issues on the 18th of July 2020 and fully understand the FA Code of Behaviour. A safety briefing will be provided by Espial FC Covid-19 officer before the commencement of any fixture to both sets of players and officials about their responsibilities in complying with the Code of Behaviour.  See appendix 1.
  • All attendees (including players & coaches) on match days & training sessions will be required to complete track and trace details which will be electronically held. These will be automatically deleted after 21 days in line with the government Recreational Team Sport Framework and collected/processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and in line with GDPR principles.

The portal can be accessed via the below web input address or the QR Code.

To process the QR code simply open your phone camera and view the QR code on your screen, this will detect and bring up the option to visit the web link to enter track & trace details. 

Anyone under the age of 18 first names only are permitted. 

  • Supporters, parents, and other spectators should remain socially distanced whilst attending events. Spectator groups must be restricted to discrete six-person gathering limits and spread out. On match days supporters, parents, and other spectators should remain in the half which their team is warming up. This is so Home & Away groups are kept separate as much as possible.
  • Access into the pitches will be posted “IN”. Access to leave the venue will be the will be sign posted “OUT”. 
  • All attendees to both match days and team training sessions will be required to have access to their own hand sanitiser, the venue will not be providing this. This is required to be used before kick-off and at the start of team training sessions by players and officials. 
  • No changing room or toilet facilities will be available at the venue
  • If a participant gets injured, a member of their household can assist if present and appropriate, but others (including match officials, teammates and coaches) will be required to remain socially distances unless a life or limb-threatening injury necessitates compromising guidelines to provide emergency care. 

Appropriate first aiders or other medical personnel present, should be equipped with the appropriate PPE (including face coverings) before treating anyone. This is the responsibility of the individual or their Clubs to have the adequate PPE with them at match/training events. 

  • There will be 2 x match balls available which will be disinfected before the match fixture commences. These will be interchanged where there are breaks in the game and disinfected accordingly, for example half time. Where the ball goes out of play this should not be retrieved by non-participants and should where possible be retrieved using the feet rather than the hands where possible. 

Espial FC would like to thank everyone in advance for their co-operation in adhering to the guidance issued by the FA, which in turn is following the Governments guidelines.

Together we can enjoy the beautiful game in a safe environment.

Espial FC