Espial FC U12’s v Manchester City

Espial U8 Vs Man City


Espial new Under 12s were invited up to Manchester City on the Tuesday 17th June to play 4 matches.

The players seemed very excited but nervous as they arrived in Manchester to play these matches on 3G. The first game was very close with both teams working very hard on a hot night, both teams tried to play good football. Man City had some very talented individuals who worked Espials defenders and goalkeeper very hard during this game. Espial did not play as well in the second game, individual errors turned into goals against. The key was to learn from these mistakes, this is how players progress and improve over time.

The third game saw Espial play some fantastic football; the players seemed to find their feet in this period, which produced some excellent goals. Man City still posed an attacking threat but the Espial players coped very well with some excellent saves from the goalkeeper. The Espial team carried on the good work in the final game, the players seemed to believe that they could compete with these excellent players. Espials Final goal was probably one of the goals of the night with some excellent passing leading up to the goal.

This was a fantastic Experience for all the players involve to play against these fantastic players and individuals. Man City showed Espial players how to maintain the quality of football throughout the night. To Espials credit they got stronger as the night progressed and the players became more confident in their own ability.

Man City will be looking to invite all age groups at Espial to take part in games in Manchester throughout the up and coming season. We would like to thank Man City for inviting the Espial players up to play them and their generous hospitality.

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