Rowsley & District Saturday

The Rowsley & District Youth Football League

Affiliated to the Derbyshire Football Association and currently catering for around 250 teams encompassing 3,500 players, with a history spanning over half a century, the Rowsley & District Youth Football League came from humble beginnings to where it is today, promoting youth football for Under 7’s to Under 18’s.

In 1947, in and around the Matlock area, it was obvious to some that youngsters didn’t have the opportunity to play organised football. At a meeting of the founder members of the League in the Autumn of 1947 it was agreed that a ‘trial’ U18’s league would be set up in the spring of 1948 to test the water.

Albert Jolley, a local referee and Derbyshire Football Association Member was instrumental in the Leagues formation, and became its first Secretary, a position he held for the next sixteen years. Albert Jolley, together with Jack Wheeldon, Hedley Wragg, Reg. Wallace and Messers Stevenson and Land, held the first Committee meeting, where a set of rules was agreed, the most interesting of which was that players could only play for teams within two miles of their home address! There are no such restrictions on where a player lives today, only that a team’s home ground should be within a playing distance of 25 miles radius to Matlock Crown Square to be eligible to play within the R&DYFL.

Espial Team in the Rowsley League
Espial Fc Under 8’s, 9’s, 12’s and 13’s

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