Presentation night 2018-2019

Congratulations and thank you to all our Parent’s, Managers, Coaches but most of all Players. It has been a very good year for the club this season and we would like to thank you all

Espial 2018-2019 Awards

Under 8
Players Player: Ethan Fearn
Managers Player: Thomas Hannan
Parents Player: Ethan Fearn

Under 9 Sunday
Players Player: Harrison Bingham
Managers Player: Alexander Quigley
Parents Player: Ruben Jennewein

Under 9 Saturday
Players Player: Jacob Reeves
Managers Player: Finley Wainwright
Parents Player: Roman Natarin

Under 12 Sunday
Players Player: Lennon Ellis
Managers Player: Joshua Haddon
Parents Player: Fabien Mitchell-Bent

Under 12 Saturday
Players Player: Ciaran Gillespie
Managers Player: Cole Trevis
Parents Player: Ben Cooke

Under 13 Sunday
Players Player: Jack Heath
Managers Player: Max Neville
Parents Player: Zach Scothern

Under 13 Community Sunday
Players Player : Billy Belfitt
Managers Player: Alfie Craig
Parents Player: Dailey Larkin

Under 13 Saturday Sunday
Players Player: Joshua Nettleship
Managers Player: Bailey Owen
Parents Player: Farrell Ryder

Under 15 Sunday
Players Player: Malachi Mitchell-Bent
Managers Player: Emerson Wall
Parents Player: Malachi Mitchell-Bent

Under 15 Saturday
Players Player:
Managers Player:
Parents Player:

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