Five of the Most Technically Brilliant Footballers Ever

Training hard, eating well and keeping fit are all hugely important parts of developing your game and climbing the ladder towards a career as a professional footballer.

But like any great skill or job, one of the quickest ways to get better is by learning from the best. Young players today are at a massive advantage from young players of yesteryear in that there is so much video available of the best players all over the world.

It has never been easier to view a particular player or skill and then go outside and try and learn it for yourself. Whatever position you play or size or shape you are, there are hours of inspirational footage available for you to study.

In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the most technically gifted players. The success of Barcelona and the Spanish national team in recent years has brought home just how important – and key to winning trophies – technique now is. But don’t need to be from a foreign country to be the best.

Here are five English players every young player should watch and learn from:

Paul Scholes

When Zinedine Zidane describes you as the closest thing to a complete footballer there is, you must be good. Manchester United legend Scholes has just retired but his wonderful close control and passing abilities will be studied for many years to come.

Glenn Hoddle

Hoddle is better known as a television pundit now, but in his day was one of the most sublime talents around. His passing and vision in particular was a joy to behold.

John Barnes

Another who is better known as a manager and pundit, Barnes is quite rightly regarded as one of the most gifted footballers to ever pull on an England shirt. The goal he scored against Brazil helps to explain why.

Matt le Tissier

Le Tissier only ever won eight caps for the England team, but that shouldn’t mask the amazing ability he possessed when dribbling or at set-pieces. His highlights reel is up there with the very best.

Paul Gascoigne

Forget anything you may have seen about Gazza in the last few years; in his heyday he was one of the world greats, with unbelievable strength and fantastic technique combining to make him virtually unstoppable when on the ball.

Inspired? Remember at least one skill from these videos and go outside and practise it!

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